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Turners and Tippers

They are items designed and manufactured to suit each cliente in order to facilitate the maintenance tasks. They are assited or automatic elements to manipulate flanges, sets of sheets, several pieces or for disposal , etc.

Each solution is unique and different and we enclose several projects which aim is to turn/tip elements.


Volteador-Tecni-3Volteador-Tecni-2This machine includes an hydraulic system for turning sets of sheets. This system allows the pallet with the sheets to be inserted and a second pallet to be placed upside down on top of it. The package can be removed from the same side of the machine.

The equipment includes an own hydraulic power unit that allows to press the sheets by pressure and turn them throught 180º. Besides, it includes a system to prevent material falling due to defective gripping.Volteador-Tecni-1
This system is immensely versatile and can be manufactured to match any format.


This system has the following properties: measurements: 3,000 x 2,500 x 1,800 mm; net weight: 3.300 kg; maximum weight supported: 1,800 kg.





BasculadorSkip02This project includes operational improvements over conventional tippers thanks to which safety and mechanical performance have been optimised.The result of this project is that the process of lifting and moving the container until it is completely overturned is carried out with a single continuous movement.

With this lifting system, a small change to the machine matches it to various models of containers. The containers may also be lifted to a level halfway through the travel to overlap unloading and loading times.

BasculadorSkip03Unlike standard container tipping systems, this structure can move the load through almost 2 m in the Y-Y plane to reach the loading area without occupying the space reserved for unloading.

The structure has also been designed to be self-supporting, avoiding loads on the machine that receives the load, a shot blasting machine in this case, and allowing tests to be carried out without the need for the latter.

As a safety measure, various detectors are located throughout the travel that report to the control unit. Those at the end of the travel cause a change in the tipper’s speed.




BastidoresBasculantes03Those tipping frames allow the workers to reach all the parts easily from a container. This tipping system uses pulses that allow it to be inclined up to 25°, this angle is sufficient for all the parts to slide down towards the worker.

This structure includes wedge-shaped bumpers at floor level on the loading side that serve as a stop for the forklift truck wheels, thus preventing damage to the frames and the loss of references for the devices installed for the purpose.


Safety systems are essential for loads in movement, so that these frames are equipped with sensitive rubber edges around the structure which stop its movement on contact, thus preventing trapping. They also have a mechanical interlocking system to ensure the safety of workers during maintenance operations.


Frames can also be designed for individual containers or adapted to each requirement.

The platform shown measures 3,550 x 1,530 x 300mm and its maximum load is 5,000kg.



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