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Cold stamping

Exit Conveyor

Conveyor belts are used in the automation of press lines and they are also very useful in all industries to solve the problems of internal mobility.

Our conveyor belts are designed and made to measure on demand in width, length and height. They are very robust with elevation possibility, including one or more belts (coplanar or not) mechanically synchronised and prepared to avoid deformation during movement and transport.

They are equipped with bidirectional motors, quick fastening belts, emergency stops around the perimeter, frequency shifter, etc. The belt material matches the type of material to be moved. Various belts can be chained and linked with the machine which can later be removed and used separately and independently.

Success stories

FORD Almussafes

This project includes a destacker cell at the head of the line to provide blanks to the robot and a security fence at the head and at the press line exit zone.

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