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Hot stamping

Bases and Beams

Bedplates serve to sustain robots absorbing the inertia and effort these produce due to their movements. Bedplate models are conditioned by robot type or by free space between robot trajectory and location space.

The purpose of the bedplate is always the same, to support a robot working on a production line. The base must be strong enought to reduce the efforts and inertia of the robot and to prevent it from losing its position, so that, the movement precision remains unchanged.

 P01-bancadasSandwich Regarding latter differentiation, some bedplates have a robot axis displacement enabling them to cover the distance between press and position on line. In this case beams are anchored via a ‘Sandwich’ anchoring system. The sandwich supports the beam where the robot is fixed preventing vibration transference of both press and robot thanks to silentblocks.

Depending on location area and possibilities of robot reaching the work area, 5 types have been defined:

  • Cylindrical Bedplate

BancadaCilindrica BancadaConRobot

  • Balcony Bedplate

BancadaBalcon bancada

  • Gantry Beam


  • Interpress Beam

BancadaInterprensa BancadaInterprensas

  • Shelf Beam

BancadaSerlf BancadaShelf2


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