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POLAND and its components market

The country is relevant as vehicles and components producer, and the components development has been even greater. The automotive industry is the first by value of exports and the second by revenue of the Polish economy.


Spain is the world’s eighth largest producer of cars and the second in the EU, where Poland ranks eighth with increased production by 30.5% in 2015, the highest among the countries of Eastern Europe.

The location of the industry is highly concentrated in the southern of Poland, in particular in the region of Silesia. This is due to the fact that Poland has several special economic zones (SEZs), with favorable conditions secured until December 31, 2026, providing an incentive to locate the production center. 25% of investments in these areas belong to the EEZ automotive sector.

SERCAME has collaborated with companies located in the area such as Gestamp Wresnia, Gedia or VW Crafter, providing die holders carts, industrial doors, destacking tables or demeritadores.

Polonia-FabricantesComponentesThe classic business of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) has changed because they need to provide more and better technological advances. Historically, the advances came from the OEM and, currently they are the suppliers who are taking this responsibility, and this trend will increase with the progress of the electric vehicle

Global and European prospects of the sector are very positive, the prediction is that global vehicle production will increase by 4% until 2020, when it will moderate. Consequently, for the component market is expected a growth up to 3.5% annual.

Source: ICEX

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